How do I install?

Download to your device using either the Garmin Connect or Garmin Express application. Look for the IQ Apps button. Once on your device, add Wind Field as a datafield. It will be listed under Connect IQ. Wind Field will display a code after a few minutes which you use above to register.

How do I get the code to register?

An 11 character code will show up every 5 minutes while using the app. It will be in the form of abcde-fghij.

How do I add the optional fields?

These only work on Garmin Edge devices. If you have a supported device, then access them thru the Garmin Connect app on your phone.on your phone.

What's this bluetooth or funny icon in the corner?

The bluetooth icon shows up when your Garmin doesn't connect to your phone. There's pages of forum threads on this on Garmins site as it's something they have struggled with. You can usually reconnect by toggling bluetooth on your phone off and back on. If it's the icon that looks like a wifi signal, that means you are out of cellular/mobile range. It will go away once you get back into your providers service area.

Why does the arrow flash sometimes?

This just means that the data is being updated.

Why can't WindField update more than every 5 minutes?

That restriction is put in place by the Garmin software. Updates more often are not allowed.

Why are you charging?

Unfortunately, there is no free API for weather data with reliable accuracy. DarkSky is the cheapest and most accurate I can find, but it still costs me to have access to it.

How accurate is the wind data?

Your current latitude and longitude are used to find the nearest DarkSky weather station. That may or may not reflect the conditions you are seeing. It won't always match to what you are feeling on the bike, but overall, it's pretty good. Just not perfect.

The wind doesn't match what I am experiencing on the bike?

The data comes from the nearest Darksky weatherstation, which is often a backyard weather station. If the homeowner hasn't placed that properly, the data may not be correct.

What if I get a new Garmin device?

Transfer to your new device here

How do I uninstall if I don't like it?

Remove it from all of your datascreens (and profiles) and then you will be able to delete it in the Garmin Connect or Garmin Express app.

Is my data private and safe?

I store both your email address and unique garmin device identifier so that I can identify if you have paid or not. Your latitude and longitude are stored temporarily in server logs which are deleted after 7 days. I do use your lat/long to get the country where you are riding. I use that in the nifty map to the right. I'm also storing the max windspeed encountered for each country for future use. Server security updates are performed regularly.